Friday, February 13, 2009

In the beginning...there were stamps??

I've had more than a couple of people ask us how did we come up with the idea of painting pots, so I thought that I would give the background on how Happy Pots started.

I took a card making class with stamps, and got a Stamp it Up book to take home. I looked through it and saw a beautiful pot with a sign (Card) hanging on it, and thought "What a cool idea". I showed my mom and said that we needed to do this. She was quite apprehensive at first, but supportive and told me to go cost it out.

We took the plunge. I purchase a hugh lot of stamps off of Ebay to help get us started and we painted a couple of pots to see what we thought. (The first pots are a source of amusement to us now.) It was a lot of fun....

I told a wonderful person, Lois, at work about what we were doing and she told me that she would be interested to see our pots, but did not want the tags or pre-planted, she had more than enough plants right now.... This is how the pot business started. We brought a couple of pots in, and they were a hit. The response was "we like the pots, but really don't care about the other stuff." We started getting more creative with the pots, and the more my work place bought them. They were buying a huge percentage of what we were able to paint, and encouraging us to paint more.

We are about 1 year in at this time, and just got accepted to the Mollie McGee show in Longmont. We are looking at the wall of pots and know that we need to keep painting.

Hope that you enjoyed the backround, and how this all started... not quite like we planned. :)

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  1. I think these pots and these ladies are phenomenal! I know husbands have biased opinions about their wives work, but still. You just have to look at these pots and you can't help having a smile on your face.