Monday, February 23, 2009

Scattered thoughts for the day.

I haven't posted for a little while, have been really busy getting ready for the Mollie McGee Show in April. We did a head count and we are up to 90 pots ready for the show. There are about 10 more in various states of finish and about 50 more sealed and ready to be started. Our goal is to get 150 to 200 pots ready by the last weekend in April!! Wow we have a lot of work.

I read about the economy and realize that my mom and I are quite lucky where we are at right now. We are able to do this for love, and make enough money to pay for our hobby. I worry about some of the wonderful people of Etsy, and other artists who have up until now been able to live selling their art, but now with people tightening their belts, it seems to be the first thing to go out of peoples life. If you can, purchase a small piece to brighten your day!! Check out the cool $20 art prints from MattsArt,

The other thing that people seem to forget about in this time, is donating to a good cause. This is when it is needed most. Time to go through your closets and look for some extra stuff to take to Goodwill or the Arc. What about donating blood?? This does not cost a thing, but can help soooo much. Take a minute to think about what you can do to get involved and help out. Remember Karma is a wonderful thing. OK I'm off the soapbox now. Be back again soon with more updates and pics.

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